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Kies Download For Mac Os

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Samsung Kies connects your Mac to your phone, making it easier for you to synchronise data and find new apps. Using Samsung Kies for Mac, you can view apps in full screen on your Mac, no matter what network you’re on. You can personalise services too, simply by becoming a Samsung Apps member or registering your mobile phone. Take Kies for a spin to see how useful it can be in managing your files and syncing your Samsung phone with your Mac!

There are two versions of Samsung Kies- Kies and Kies3, so make sure that you are downloading the right one for your device. To get Samsung Kies you can get it on the official site of Samsung. Samsung Kies Download for Windows: KIES DOWNLOAD KIES3 DOWNLOAD Samsung Kies Download for MAC OS: KIES DOWNLOAD What spec should PC need to run Kies? Samsung Kies is a user-friendly and useful Mac OS X application specially designed to help you transfer music, photos and contacts, update your software and wirelessly sync your device. Firmware updater. Thanks to Samsung Kies you can easily keep your device updated with the latest software.

Install Samsung Kies on your Mac and enjoy the option of browsing through Samsung Apps on your large computer monitor. Download multiple applications and transfer them to your mobile with ease and convenience. Enjoy the beauty of Samsung Apps, from your Mac to your Samsung mobile.

The easiest way to get the latest version of Kies, if you already have the software installed, is to use the built-in update function. Samsung Kies Features: Connect Wirelessly Connect a mobile to Kies via Wi-Fi and Sync content.

Kies via Wi-Fi lets you enjoy Kies in a remarkably convenient way. It is available for the supported models only, and some functions are limited while Wi-Fi connection.

Sync Contacts with Outlook, Google or Yahoo Add and edit contact of mobile on Kies conveniently. Also, sync contacts with those of Outlook, Google or Yahoo. Keep your mobile updated When connected, Kies automatically notifies you of new firmware version. Make your mobile improved with the latest firmware.

Enrich music life with mobile Make your own favorite music playlist and Sync with mobile. Enrich your life with music wherever you are. How do i find a lost file in word for mac pdf. Transfer your photos and videos to your Mac Safely store valuable photos, videos you’ve taken and feel your happy moments in Kies. Also Available.

Samsung Kies is proprietary Samsung software for communication between a Samsung device and a computer. Samsung Kies can be used to and vice versa. Apart from data transfer, Samsung Kies serves other important functions as well.

For instance, Samsung Kies can be used to upgrade the firmware of your Samsung device or to resolve any problems with the firmware of your Samsung device. Moreover, it can be used to. Samsung Kies is gradually being replaced with Samsung Smart Switch but a large portion of the Samsung device user base still uses kies.


Therefore, this article focuses on providing such users with the up to date information regarding Samsung Kies. Starting with the available versions of Samsung Kies for Windows and then moving on to those available for Mac, we will be analyzing the devices and operating systems supported by each. A download link leading to the official Samsung provided software has also been provided for the ease of readers. In case of softwares like kies air and kies Mini whose official versions are no longer available, we have provided links to third party websites from where the software can be downloaded.

Samsung Kies for Windows Kies 3 Version: 3.2.15041_2 Supported Devices: All running Android 4.3 or later Supported computer OS: Windows XP (SP3), Windows 7 and Windows 8 Download URL: Kies 2.6 A version of the Samsung Kies that supports the older Samsung devices. If you own a device that was released before September 2013 or one that has Android version 4.2 or less, you should download kies 2.6.

It works with almost all the Windows versions one can hope to find in use today. Kies 2.6 can be downloaded from the link provided below. Version: Supported Devices: Devices launched before September 2013 Supported computer OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 Download URL. Samsung Kies for Mac kies 3 This is the counterpart of kies 3 for Windows. Bear in mind that there is no kies 2.6 for Mac so essentially, kies 3 has to offer support for all Samsung smartphones out there. The link to official download has been given below. Version: Supported Devices: All Samsung Galaxy devices running Android 4.3 or later versions.