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Word For Mac - I Can't See Where I Am On The Page

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/Volumes is basically a directory at the root level of your system, that stores all your hard drives (if you have more than one) 'myshortname' must be the name of (one of your) harddrive(s)? If you don't like working from the Unix-command prompt, you can access this folder in a Finder window as follows: When the Finder is selected, go up to the menu and select: Go > Go To Folder. This will pop a window where you can put in the file/directory path that you wish to access. You could put in just /Volumes to see where that leads you. It should show all of your hard drives (or just one if that's all you have). Or put in a longer path if you like.

Isn't 'myshortname' one of the drives in the upper left side of your Finder window? You could just select that directly and ignore the whole 'Volumes' part. It's the same thing. Quote: /Applications /bin /cores /Developer /etc /Library /Network /opt /private /sbin /System /tmp /User Guides And Information /Users /usr /var /Volumes /.Spotlight-V100 /.Trashes /Desktop DB /Desktop DF /mach /mach.sym /mach_kernel /.DS_Store /.hotfiles.btree I remember trying to explain to my father why he can see his own files through Network Neighborhood, that it's just the way your computer looks to the network (if you've got filesharing turned on).

Parallels for mac leopard windows 10. Same sort of thing here, only this is the local filesystem seeing itself through the local filesystem.

I've just upgraded to Microsoft Office for Mac 2011, and, according to Microsoft (see below) it For me, there were two challenges: 1. Creating the booklet, and then 2. Getting the pages to rotate 1. Create your document in Word Mac 2011. Click ‘File', then ‘Print', then click on the ‘PDF' button. Jan 27, 2017 - When displaying the information in your document, Word is rather flexible. If you only want to see a single page, you can use the steps in this tip to. I am using Word 2015 and it worked for this version. Your tip is invalid for a Mac user. How laughably ridiculous that you can't have a one-page view.