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Hot Corners For Microsoft Word For Mac

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Is there a simple way to open two documents and have them snap to a side by side view arrangement? Under the 'View' tab there is the option to Arrange All, but that aligns the two documents vertically with no option to arrange them horizontally.

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Modern monitors being what they are (letter-box style) makes this vertical arrangement very unhelpful. I'm not sure I understand why the developers would not give Mac users a side-by-side option which I understand the Windows version has. I hope I am wrong and there is a way to do this. Please let me know (other than manually dragging and resizing the 2 windows).

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Thank you, D. When you 'google' an issue the overwhelming majority of the hits you get pertain to Microsoft's software for the Windows platform unless you explicitly include some reference to mac in your search criteria. Even then you'll get a lot of Windows-specific hits. Some of the resources state a platform but most do not - particularly those that are not published by Microsoft. Word for Mac does not include the View Side-by-Side feature, nor does it support synchronous scrolling. You have to manually size & arrange the document windows or use the Arrange All command in the Window menu or on the View tab of the Ribbon to position the 2 windows one above the other.

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