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Business Email Templates For Mac Mail

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Hello, As per article below, I should be able to create templates from Emails with Outlook 2016 for Mac version 15.39 But the 'Save as' option is grayed out. And there is no such 'File > New > Email From Template' option either for creating a new email from a template. Many thanks for your help.

Email Signature Template Generator. Use this free tool to make your professional email signature template, then simply add it to Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, Yahoo Mail, or any other email provider. But the first business email template you send the lead is the actual start of your business relationship. After all, this is the first intimate, direct conversation you’ve had with them. For an effective inbound process, you should resist the urge to sell here.

Advertisement Take your emails from plain text to personal. Apple’s Mail includes often-overlooked attractive Stationery templates for making your messages stand out. Stationery has been a feature of Mail for several years now, but unless you’re a die-hard Mac user you might not know it exists. Like the When it comes to greeting cards, iPhoto for Mac makes it easy to create your own using one or more photos and your own unique message. and features in iPhoto, Stationery allows you to spruce up and personalize your email messages using professionally designed templates and personal photos. Fortunately, Stationery will remain a fixture with OS X is evolving both in terms of looks and features, and just like last year's Mavericks update, Yosemite will be another free download., so here’s how to use it. Create A Stationery Email The Stationery feature can be accessed by creating a new message in Mail, and then clicking on the Stationery button on the right side of the toolbar (see image below).

Stationery templates will appear for you to browse through, when you find one you like select it and it will be applied to your current message. Stationery includes 23 templates for announcements, birthdays, business and greeting letters. Notice that when you drop your photo into template, that same photo will show up when you change to another template.

While all the placeholder text can be changed for your personal messages, that’s the extent of the changes you can make to a template. You can’t alter the designs themselves without locating packaged contents buried in the library folder ( User Account > Library > Containers > > Data > Library > Application Support > Mail > Stationary > Apple > Contents > Resources > Custom > Contents > Resources, in case you wondered). Though Apple only provides a handful of templates, you can drag the designs you like most to the Favorites folder for quicker access. Third-Party Templates If you find these templates useful, you might want to consider downloading more templates created by third-party developers.

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Has the widest multi-purpose collection of templates available through their free Stationery Greeting Cards application, also available in the Mac App Store. The app includes a few free sample templates, and a wide variety of premium holiday, seasonal, and business templates. You can preview templates before purchasing them, and all of your purchases are backed up with Equinux where they can be restored to the app if they are ever deleted or lost.

To install a selected template, you can use the keyboard shortcut, Command+N, or drag the template into the preview window and click the New Message window. The template will be sent as a new message in Mail, and you will get the option to install it in the Stationery library. All imported templates can be found in the Custom section of the library.


Equinux also sells a Picture Mails greeting card app ($0.99) for the iPad, in which you can browse, purchase, and customize templates from its expansive catalogue. Another developer, Macmanus, also sells a potpourri of templates in its ($9.99) application, which includes designs for invitations, announcements, notes, and holidays. Selected templates can be previewed by hitting the space bar, and installed in the Stationery library with a simple double-click. The Macmanus website provides a few more sample previews of its stationery designs, which are not sold individually or in packs, but as an entire collection. Perhaps the developer with the most modern designs is Jumpsoft’s ($19.99) application, which includes 149 templates that can be previewed on its website.