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Code Wont Show Up On Laptop For Text Message Forwarding Mac

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Oct 24, 2014  If not, you're likely to run into an issue where the activation code never appears on your iPad or Mac. If you attempt to enable text message forwarding but the activation code never shows up. If iMessage is on, 'Send & Receive' will appear below it. Have reported that they had to delete all of their conversations before things would sync up. Text forwarding forwards text messages (green bubbles) to your Mac, iPad, or other devices. In this case type the code that is shown in the MacBook (Image Below).

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One of the features in Apple’s new Continuity concept is the ability to send and receive SMS text messages on an iPad. Additionally, those with a Mac computer using OS X Yosemite can now send SMS text messages directly from the computer. Prior to the release of iOS 8.1, the Messages app on the iPad could only send and receive iMessages. Now, when both an iPhone and an iPad are using iOS 8.1 or greater, text message forwarding allows SMS texts to be sent and received on the iPad.

Enabling SMS Text Messages on an iPad For text message forwarding to work, both your iPhone and iPad need to be running iOS software 8.1 or newer and both devices need to be connected to the Internet. Additionally, both devices need to be powered on to setup text message forwarding. On the iPhone, go to Settings -> Messages -> Text Message Forwarding. This option will only appear when a compatible iOS or Mac device connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Your iPad should be listed in the Text Message Forwarding setup window.

Set the slider to the on position to enable text message forwarding to the iPad. An authorization window should appear on the iPhone asking for a code. The code is available in a window that will appear on your iPad. Enter the code from the iPad into the authorization window on the iPhone. When the code is entered, this authorizes text messages to be forwarded to the iPad. You will now be able to send and receive SMS text messages on the iPad.