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We are reddit's community of Mac users, enthusiasts, and experts. Please submit or enjoy content, comments, or questions related to the Mac platform, be it related to the hardware or software that makes it up. Here’s a list of the best free video converter software for Windows PC and Mac. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe [FREE] Whether your goal is to convert video, download online video music, edit video, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe can speedily get all done with highest possible quality.

People love 4K video but not all your media players and devices can play 4K content. In most case, when you want to play or edit 4K content, you need to compress the grand 4K to 1080p, 720p even lower resolution. For example, powerful as VLC, although it updated as the first media player to play 4K video, people still choose to for smoother playback on VLC. And this behavior needs a 4K Video Converter to be realized. In the former guide, we introduced you and today we want to gather the best 5 4K Video Converter for Mac for you. To give you the most intuitionistic exhibition about the 4K functions of the top 5 4K video converter for Mac, we made a comparison chard below.

√ Especially, we want to praise for its multiple functions as the best 4K Video Converter for Mac. This professional convertor for 4k videos can convert any video of any resolution in 4k format. Microsoft word for mac free. Also, it can convert any 4k video into any common video formats of AVI, MP4, MOV, WebMD, WMV, FLV, DivX as well as the same in HD.

Key features: • You can convert any video in 3840 x 2160 or 4096 x 2160 4k resolution. • It allows you to edit the 4k video such as crop, trim, merge, watermark, rotate, effects and many more. • You can play the 4k videos in your device and also download them directly from YouTube using the in-built downloader with this application. Microsoft excel 2011 free download for mac. • Helps you convert the 4k videos for portable devices like Galaxy S7,, iPad Pro 9.7/12.9, iPad Air 3,, etc. • Also, you can covert videos to YouTube friendly format which will allow faster upload of videos to YouTube. • Changing the brightness or adding subtitles is another key feature of this program. • In addition, you can have a backup of Blu-ray 3D movies to 3D/2D video files like 2D/3D MP4/AVI/MKV for,, etc.

• Compatible with Mac OS X 10.12 macOS High Sierra, Mac OS X 10.11, Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7 Lion, 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard. Screenshot Availability Where to find 4k & HDR Movies and Content? Sometimes, you just get interested in 4K content but actually you don’t know where to get the 4K video to experience the brilliant visual effect. There’s still not too much available, but the amount is steadily increasing. Here are the main ways you can watch the ultra high definition content you crave. Source 4k & HDR Movies 4k & HDR TV Shows 4k & HDR Videos Bit Rate Approx.

Data/Hour Physical media 4k Blu-ray 22 (22 HDR) + regular releases – – 108-128 mbps N/A Streaming & Subscription – – Thousands 16 mbps 7 GB 9 24 (2 HDR) 5 16 mbps 7 GB 7 12 (2 HDR) 4 16 mbps 7 GB Streaming/Download Purchase & Rental Many 6 13 16 mbps 7 GB Many 3 Many 6-25 mbps 2.7-11.25 GB 35 (22 HDR) – – 10+ mbps 4.5+ GB 34 (34 HDR) – – 11+ mbps 4.95+ GB Several – – 16 mbps 7 GB Provider Exclusive – – – 15 mbps 6.75 GB Many – – – N/A Many Several – – N/A UHD Drive 74+ 3+ 50+ 20-46 mbps 9GB (Streaming) 10 – 30 – N/A Related Articles: • • • • •.