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Best Ad Blocker For Safari Mac 2017

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Best Ad Blocker For Safari Mac 2017 Rating: 6,6/10 9013 votes

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This lets you set up user filters that actually strip out html elements from a page before it reaches the browser, instead of just hiding them via CSS or just blocking requests outright. It can also inject userscripts (ala greasemonkey/tampermonkey) at that level, so you can install a script once and it'll be available in any browser. Download

Click to expand.Actually on the Mac there are 2 versions - the content blocker extension from Apple's site, and the version in the App Store. The version in the App Store is the one that will be updated going forward, and it is slightly different in that it actually has an app you can launch where you can make it update the block list. The older extension did not have this, and also is not being updated going forward (but I believe it will still update blocking rules).


The App Store version also works around the content blocker rule limitation by having 3 'parts' you have to activate in the Safari extensions. Just like the iOS version. I believe this App Store version is also $2, like the iOS version.