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Where To Buy Heavy Duty Suction Cup For Mac Screen Repair

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Large glass panels rarely come with handles. Use these suction cups to safely lift and remove glass and display assemblies from devices.

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We specifically built these suction cups for iMac repair. For years we struggled with finding a reliable source for quality suction cups, so we bit the bullet and engineered our own. The specially formulated rubber foot sticks stronger and longer. Includes two 2.25' diameter suction cups used for lifting display glass off Aluminum iMacs—or anything else that needs heavy duty lifting. A must-have for any iMac repair.

My Problem I had the iMac 2011 grey screen, to blank screen, to crazy demonic rainbow screen. My Fix Ordered the Pro-Tech Toolkit a Magnetic Project Mat and the suction cups. Figured it would be cheaper to try to open and check for damaged cables or power assembly. I’ve never done anything THIS involved. Reluctantly and carefully opened the Mac (warranty already expired anyway and thought it for a gonner) and found nothing. Put it back together and it was was still not working. Browsing through YouTube I watch a detailed video about BAKING the graphics card.

I’m like “ screw it let’s have fun “ and tore that entire motherboard up, got to the chip, baked it (accordingly, don’t try this without adult supervision), and put it all back together. My computer is alive and well!!! My Advice Really. I wouldn’t have been able to fathom this repair of it wasn’t for all of ifixit videos of encouragement and your tools. Microsoft outlook 15.3 for mac download.

I mean, when the repair failed, I at least knew the tools you provided worked and I was completely satisfied and surprised with their great quality. My advice is get the right tools and make up your mind that there’s no going back when you start tearing things down. That magnetic MAT??? Oh and I EASILY popped open my PS3 to pull out a disk my daughter jammed in there. Fixit” in my house now ha!!! My Problem Hard drive in an iMac 21.5' was failing so needed to replace the hard drive for continued use of the machine. My Fix It was smooth for most part outside of a couple of annoyances (detailed in the 'Enlightenment section).

Had it not been for the lack of connector puller/long fingernails and magnets near the screw holes, I would've saved myself a decent amount of time on the repair. The new hard drive booted up without issue and the steps in the guide were easy to follow.

My Advice It may have been the way I had the computer laying when doing the work but during the process of disconnecting the cables from the display, I did feel like I needed to prop the display from the motherboard while I disconnected everything. A flashlight may be needed as well if you have a poorly lit work space. A mild aggravation when reassembling the screen was the magnets that were close to the screw holes kept 'stealing' the screws away. Quick work-around was to use a thin piece of plastic between the hole and magnets. Also, if you have short fingernails like me, you may need to look into something for the cables like the IC Extractor/Connector Puller ( I purchased one shortly after the repair). I didn't have one but felt it would've saved me about 10 minutes and been a lot safer on the components than the flat-head I had to work with. My Problem My iMac’s screen showed yellow vertical stripes and the boot process would not complete.

Is says 'Click to activate Avast Passwords' and gives two options: Activate & Later. I don't want to use Avast Passwords so I don't want either option. So if I click 'Later' the same thing happens next time I log in. The message won't go away either. I have looked into uninstalling Avast Passwords but the solutions provided on the website are incorrect for Mac. Delete avast passswords for mac Click Avast Passwords in the top-left corner of your Mac screen and select Remove vault from the menu. Click Remove, then enter your system password to confirm the action. Click Start Now! And follow the the on-screen set up instructions to configure your new vault.

My Fix Spread over two days, the repair process was tedious, but thanks to the iFixIt guide and especially a few of the added comments on missing steps, transposed descriptions of connections, etc., it was ultimately a great success! So good to hear the start up bong and to see a clear image of my desktop. My Advice There were some illuminating comments in the guide (e.g., the Airport card connectors were described backwards, the ODD cable connections to the logic board were omitted).

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Also, as per one of the comments, the suction cups are not necessary, but they do work well. My Problem The backlight turned itself off every 5 seconds when the brightness was above level 3. (16 is full brightness).

Needless to say I got fed by all the squinting I did at my screen just to see what was going on. I sent my iMac to 2 different repair shops, but unfortunately without getting it fixed (amateurs) I then searched around the web and stumbled upon IFIXIT and the repair guides. It was obvious to me that the LED Driver Board had to be changed. My Fix I skipped steps 7 to 9 because I managed to replace the LED Driver Board without removing the LCD screen completely.