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What Is The Default Installed Program For Mac Os:x That Handles Mail

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You do NOT need to install a third party app. Both Google Chrome and Firefox support this functionality.

(ok, technically these are third party apps, but lets assume you are not using safari.) Chrome: • Open gmail in chrome. • In the address bar next to the 'bookmark star' you should see a grey diamond. Click on the diamond • Select 'use gmail'. • If you do not see the gray diamond, follow the instructions below. If you made a mistake and selected 'No' and you really wanted to select 'Use Gmail' • With Chrome open, copy and paste this into your address bar at the top: chrome://settings/handlers • Under the Ignored protocol handlers section, Click on X to the right to delete. Superhot free download mega.

• Close and open Gmail. • Answer the question correctly this time.:) Source: Firefox: See @Am1rr3zA answer on this question. Update (1/2014) Turns out. Ps4 emulator for mac. If you're using Chrome, this is now very simple: open settings, search for 'mailto', and set Gmail as the handler for mailto. For Firefox,. (The remainder of this answer is now obsolete.) While options like also do the job, I'll mention yet another way for the sake of completeness: • Install.

It's an official Gmail utility made by Google. • Open, go to Preferences -> General, and set 'Default email reader' to Google (Yep, you need to configure this in Mail even when Mail is what you don't want to use.) Besides directing clicks on mailto: links to Gmail, the Google Notifier comes with some additional features: It adds an icon (like this: ) in the menu bar and notifies you (if configured to do so) about new mail in your Gmail box. Through the icon you can also access your inbox, unread messages, and 'Compose mail' screen quickly. Works great for me; I can generally vouch for this useful little app.

What is the default installed program for mac os:x that handles mail free

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