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Simcity 2013 For Mac

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Simcity 2013 For Mac Rating: 6,8/10 6913 votes

Welcome to the “Sim City 3000” for Mac game page. Game Description: SimCity 3000 is a city building simulation personal computer game and the third installment in the SimCity series. I am talking about SimCity, the complete edition which features SimCity 2013 edition for Mac, but now the offline single player actually works. What Is SimCity: Complete Edition? Experience the newest version of SimCity – the greatest city-simulator of all time.

This game has so much potential and looks really good, but I am still reserved about it and hoping it doesn't totally suck. My main concerns at this point are always online, the size of the cities, and limited content to leave room for endless DLC. The superhero preorder bonus isn't encouraging. I want a serious city simulator. Not a goofy sandbox village. I haven't played one of these games in a while, but what exactly would you do online?

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It seems like a purely singleplayer game if there ever was one. Do you have two cities in the same area competing with each other somehow?


I haven't played one of these games in a while, but what exactly would you do online? It seems like a purely singleplayer game if there ever was one. Do you have two cities in the same area competing with each other somehow? Yeah they are making the game more social so that there are multiple interacting cities in a region, with one or more other cities in your region owned by other players. This is why I am worried about the new game being more Farmville than classic SC. While it sounds like you can lock a region for yourself to build on all the lots, the game STILL requires an internet connection. The game communicates with a server every few minutes and your game shuts off if it doesn't.

So for the most part it is DRM, and it will also allow EA to essentially shut off your game whenever Sim City 6 comes out. Just another step towards a future where we don't actually own the content we buy.

This was one of my most anticipated games of 2013, but EA continues to be more evil than pedophiles, murderers, rapists, and the Republican Party combined. Amongst all of their other bonehead decisions in 2011 and 2012, the fact that this needs to be connected to the internet due to DRM is retarded.

EA just announced today they're pulling the plug on numerous games today. What's to stop them from doing this to the game in five years? I'd rather have them kiss my ass and then give them a fucking dime.

• Add §100,000 to City Budget: Press ALT + W What it does: Immediately adds 100,000 simoleon to your City Budget. • Toggle Fire On/Off: Press ALT + F What disabling it does: Maybe playing with matches is okay after all! Sims no longer worry about fires consuming all they own and burning down the town.

• Toggle Crime On/Off: Press ALT + C What disabling it does: Such nice neighbors! Sims promise to be on their best behavior and commit no crimes. • Toggle Sickness & Injuries (Health Issues) On/Off: Press ALT + M What disabling it does: They won’t get any older, and they’ll never, ever die. Sims glad that sickness and injury has been eradicated, but what does this mean for overcrowding?

• Toggle Air Pollution On/Off: Press ALT + A What disabling it does: Clear skies! Sims breath easy knowing that they don’t have to worry about air pollution anymore. • Toggle Ground Pollution On/Off: Press ALT + P What disabling it does: Dump the toxic waste now! Sims no longer have to worry about garbage, waste or industrial mess seeping into the ground. • Toggle Homeless Sims On/Off: Press ALT + H What disabling it does: Homelessness abolished! Down on their luck Sims find other places to live instead of on the streets. • Toggle Sewage On/Off: Press ALT + S What disabling it does: Flush with wild abandon!