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Reviews Of Avast Anti Virus For Mac

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Reviews Of Avast Anti Virus For Mac Rating: 9,8/10 1519 votes

Based on in-depth testing, our Avast Free Mac Security 2018 review gives you everything you need to know. Find out how we test antivirus software packages.

• Integrated email protection • Power PC and Intel supported • Simple installation avast! Mac Edition is an antivirus solution for Apple Macintosh machines running Mac OS X. It is based on a central virus-scanning daemon and includes a mail scanner, an on-demand scanner and an on-access scanner all controlled through a simple user interface. Although designed as a solution for individual desktops, and priced accordingly, the level of performance is closer to that normally delivered by server antivirus software. Antivirus Mac Edition and avast!

Reviews Of Avast Anti Virus For Mac

Antivirus Mac+PC Edition contain the same ICSA Certified scan engine as all avast! Antivirus products, offering best-in-class protection against viruses, trojan horses, spyware and other malware threats. The Mac+PC Edition product license is for Mac users ONLY with BOTH the Mac operating system and MS Windows installed on the same machine. It comprises both the Mac Edition and Professional Edition and will enable you to SAVE 37% compared to purchasing both products individually. Some key features of avast! Antivirus Mac and Mac+PC Edition • Full on-access scanning - scans files for any infection at the time they are accessed • On-demand scanning - scheduled or ad-hoc scans of your system • Integrated mail protection - stops infections at one of the main access points • Virus Chest - a place for safe storage of infected or suspicious files, to prevent further virus spreading • Full automatic updates - of both the program and the virus definitions • Full control of the scanning options - set avast! To work in the way you want.

Description Owing to its flexible and modular architecture, avast! Mac Edition is a low-overhead, stable antivirus solution which can be used on nearly all Mac models. It is distributed as a universal binary and therefore delivers optimal performance on both PowerPC and Intel architectures. Mac Edition offers on-demand antivirus scanning, as well as background on-access protection, with easy review of the results via a well designed graphic interface. An integrated virus chest is also built in for safe storage of infected or suspicious files. Scanning Service The underlying central daemon can serve a number of scanning tasks in parallel. This feature is accessible via TCP or UNIX socket interfaces, and is used by default by the on-demand, on-access and mail scanning clients.

The interface can also be used for remote scanning, background local scanning, or for integration with other products that require antivirus protection. The central scanning daemon uses the same virus database format as other avast! Products and benefits from the same high frequency of updates. As a result, avast! Mac Edition delivers performance and detection ability as high as can be found in other avast!

Products, including the ability to detect the full range of Windows/PC malware. You can expect 100% detection of In-the-Wild viruses (viruses already spreading between users) and excellent detection of Trojan horses. The scanning engine itself is certified by ICSA Labs.

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It frequently takes part in Virus Bulletin tests and is a multiple recipient of the VB100 award. Antivirus Mac Edition features outstanding archive support and can scan inside of the following types of archives: ARJ, MIME, EXEC, ZIP, RAR, TAR, GZ, BZIP2, ARC, ZOO, WINEXEC, LHARC, CHM, CPIO, RPM, ISO, TNEF, DBX, SIS, OLE and INSTALL. The archive unpackers that should be used during scanning can be specified in the Preferences pane, to ensure optimal scanning speed. User Interface The user interface serves as a front-end for the user’s on-demand requests, and is also used to control other parts of the program. The main window can be used to set the scanning preferences, to access the virus chest, and to check for the availability of updates. When a scan is performed, the results are displayed in a list, together with additional options for processing the results. The mail and on-access scanner results are communicated to the user via specific alert-windows.

These windows contain cumulative information to minimize the number of pop-ups. The results can then be transferred to the main window for additional processing, or logged in a report. Mail scanning results are displayed in the Inbox using different colors for infected, clean or unscanned (e.g. Password-protected) attachments. Scanning is triggered automatically for each incoming mail, but can also be triggered manually for any other sets of messages.