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Respondus For Mac

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Secure your testing environment by using LockDown Browser powered by Respondus. Overview Respondus LockDown Browser® is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within Hawkes.

When students use Respondus LockDown Browser they are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, or access other applications. Once a WebTest is started within Respondus, students are locked into it until they submit it for grading. System Requirements Operating Systems Windows: 10, 8, 7 Mac: OS X 10.10 or higher Memory Windows: 2 GB RAM Mac: 512 MB RAM Latest LockDown Browser Versions Windows: Version, June 12, 2017 OS X: Version, July 5, 2017 Lab Editions If you are a computer lab manager, please make sure the latest Respondus LockDown Browser Lab Editions are installed. LockDown Browser Lab Editions* * Lab Editions will not prompt students for UAC permissions ** Mac Lab and Student Editions are the same (no UAC) Installation Student editions are available to download from the WebTest’s start page after enabling Require Respondus LockDown Browser. For your convenience, the latest versions can also be downloaded from the following links: LockDown Browser Student Editions Enable LockDown Browser for a WebTest To require that students use Respondus LockDown Browser, open your Grade Book and navigate to WebTests > Select a WebTest > Additional Settings. Here you will be able to select Require Respondus LockDown Browser for a given WebTest. Once this option is set, students will be required to launch the WebTest within a compatible Respondus LockDown Browser in order to open the assignment.

Best backup app for mac 2015. Respondus LockDown Browser is a custom browser designed to increase security during tests. While using LockDown browser, a student may take a WebCampus assessment, but is not permitted to access other windows or applications. For Mac users, start Respondus LockDown Browser, select “About” from the toolbar, and then click “Check for Update.” The version will be displayed and you will.

Enable Calculator: After enabling the setting, 'Require Respondus LockDown Browser,' you will have the option to provide students with access to a calculator within the LockDown Browser. Place a checkmark in the check box for 'Enable Calculator' and Save Changes to activate this setting. Note: You can choose out of two calculator options: Basic and Scientific. Require student review within LockDown Browser: After enabling the setting, 'Require Respondus LockDown Browser,' you will have the option to require students to review their WebTests from within the LockDown Browser. Students will need to open the LockDown Browser when they would like to review their WebTest attempts. Custom Proctor Exit Password: In the event that any technical errors arise while students are testing within Respondus LockDown Browser, you can now set a password to provide testing proctors (or yourself) to assist students who might encounter an issue while testing.