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Rebuild Profile Outlook For Mac 2016

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Mac and Windows both use Outlook and store user’s data locally. Outlook for Mac stores user OLM file format to store data whereas Outlook for Windows uses PST (.pst) file. Microsoft Outlook for Mac is a widely accepted email client for accessing and managing mails. A Mac system with MS Outlook uses the Microsoft User Data folder to store the database file with each identity in its own folder. These identities contain user mail data including messages, contacts, tasks, calendars, and more. However, there are certain scenarios where Outlook fails to load and can often lead to corrupt or damaged database. Some of the signs for damaged Outlook Mac databases are mentioned below.

Select Outlook for Mac Data File (.olm) to use data exported from a Macintosh, or Outlook for Windows Data File (.pst) to use data exported from a Windows computer, then click Continue. The Outlook 2011 data on this computer option should only be used if you have not set up an account in Outlook 2016 yet, please refer to the Microsoft's.

• Outlook fails to open. • Outlook stops responding. • Outlook items fail to open. • Outlook quits unexpectedly. • Outlook opens a different item. • Outlook contacts show blank lines. • Outlook message shows blank lines • Outlook displays incorrect contact entries.

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• Outlook displays incorrect item as a search result. • Outlook fails to show the clippings in the Scrapbook. • Outlook shows a window with blank office reminders • Outlook fails to display the added item like calendar event or a contact. There could be many more signs of corrupt Outlook Mac database.

However, in any case, you need to rebuild your identity database. There are various ways for building identity database, but the best way is to use the Microsoft’s inbuilt Database Utility. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps to rebuild the identity database in MS Outlook 2011 for Mac. Quit all applications • From the top toolbar, Click the menu. • Select Quit. • Or else hold down the Command and Option keys, and then press Esc.

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• In the Force Quit Application window, select the application. • Select Force Quit to quit the application. • From the upper-left corner, click the red close button to close the window. Determine the size of your identity • In the Finder, click Go->Home. • Navigate to the Documents folder->Microsoft User Data folder->Office 2011 Identities folder. • Click the Identity folder. • Click Get Info On the File menu.

• Click Get Information to check the size of the database. Note: Make sure you have three times more hard disk space available than the size of your Outlook identity. This space should not include the wasted space, which gets automatically created while adding or deleting mail items like appointments, tasks, and notes, etc. Back up the current identity • In the Finder, click Go->Home.

• Navigate to the Documents folder->Open the Microsoft User Data folder. • Right-click the Office 2011 identities folder. • Select Duplicate. • This creates a copy of the identity folder. • Quit all applications. Note: This backup can also be used by any third-party database recovery software.

Rebuild the database • Quit all applications. • Start Outlook 2011 by holding down the option key.

• Select the database from the Database Utility window. • Click Rebuild. • The rebuilding process is shown in the Rebuilding Main Identify window. • Once done, it will display the message “ Your database was rebuilt successfully.” • Click Done. • Restart Outlook Note: You can alternatively open the Database Utility by opening the Application folder->Microsoft Office 2011 folder and double-clicking the Microsoft Database Create a new identity The Outlook might create separate identities in case you are using Outlook at more than one place like at home and at work. Here each identity will store separate sets of mail items including tasks, calendars, account settings, etc.