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Office For Mac Error

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Aug 25, 2018 - The problem is occurring on MAC OSX and the problem is Office 2016 activation is not working. Which is caused after the MAC OSX released. Office 2016 for Mac v15.13.1 Repeatedly Crashes on OS X 10.10.4 Posted: by sepiemoini I've created a DMG from Composer and tested this as an upgrade from 15.12.3 to 15.13.1 but getting the following errors (see below).

When in doubt, ask JAMF Nation. Our business would like to move from Office 2011 to Office 2016, but prior to my regime, our company blindly paid for full 2011 retail licenses (probably b/c of the low number of users). They would now like to move to 2016 with a larger user base, and I want to explore volume licensing to make my license headaches completely disappear. I am aware that you have to get volume licensing thru a Microsoft partner? And if so, where do I begin?

Who's the best, most fairly priced? I do not want Office 365 b/c we already have cloud services with another provider. How to change voice for text to speech on mac. I want to be able to package up Office 2016 and deploy with a volume license.

How do I get to that point, and who do I need to call? Help me JAMF Nation, you're my only hope! Not sure where you are based, but I think it's best to talk to a Microsoft partner about this. I tried to go through the Enterprise Agreement route, but it gave me such an headache, we went for Open Value/Open License. Much, much easier. If the user base is larger than 1000 seats, I would recommend not thinking about an EA.

Do you have Software Assurance bought on the Office 2011 licenses? You would be eligible to use Office 2016 through SA. But again, a Microsoft partner could help you with that.

Dear Mike, your Profile puts your Company Head Quarters to Seattle, with Satellites all over the World. I am not sure, why Jeffrey noted that an Enterprise Agreement is NOT the right route for 1000+ Employees? OpenValue is tailored to Small and Medium Business up to 250 Computers - Organisations pay a single price per PC which makes licensing costs more predictable. However you have to understand the difference between Office 365 which is per User VERSUS Volume Licensing which usually is per Computer, so you can have multiple Users with individual Accounts sharing a PC. BUT there are also Volume Licenses per User available, which makes the whole more complicated!

Volume Licensing can be either Purchase the License out right with or without Software Assurance via CAPEX OR on a Subscription Basis which then would go through your OPEX. The Trouble is in the Detail, what other Microsoft Software do you use (Exchange, Sharepoint, Lync, etc.) and you need a Specialist for that, so try and get in Contact with Microsoft License Consultant, rather than a Microsoft Service Partner since Partners get Commission from Microsoft, so they may try to sell you something you may not need. How do i download microsoft office 2011 for mac with a product key.

While you pay the Consultant for their Services! I googled a Consultant in your Area: Best of Luck. For 50 seats, Office 365 ProPlus might be a good option: $12/user per month. This is what we use for ~400 seats, and it's essentially using Office 365 solely for standalone office installations. It allows each named user to install Office five times (Windows or Mac), and they just sign in with their email address.

It makes assigning and revoking licenses really easy and self-service. You can then put the installer in Self-Service, and then the last step they do is sign in with their Office 365 username and password. It doesn't include email, calendar, SharePoint and all that extra stuff that sounds like you don't need, just Office on a computer and Office Online (if you want). Hope that helps!

Hi, So here's the story. I ordered Office 2016 for Mac through the Microsoft Home Use Program, through my works email. I got the link and sent it to my home email address so that I could download the files at home, on to my sons IMac, for his college work. After updating his mac to IoS X, it finally let me install Office 2016. When we try to activate it, it doesnt ask for the Product Key I got in the email, but asks for a Microsoft account email. I have called the Microsoft Support and they say that my sons email account, with is the address to use as that is associated with the order number, but when I try this email address, it gives an error that its not associated.