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Mac D For Danger

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I am so excited for the two new lip colors that I picked up from MAC’s of 2015. It had been such a long time since I purchased anything MAC so I think I deserved this tiny little splurge! I believe there are 22 shades with half of them being previous releases but now part of the permanent range and 12 of which are new shades. The finishes of these lipsticks are Matte & Retro Matte (slightly more intense).

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Mac d for danger matt

So, the new babies that have joined my are the shades Whirl & D for Danger. I was tempted to buy all of them, but I decided to go with these two for now. I feel sure that I will be going back for more! From the left Whirl & D for Danger D for Danger ($19 CAD) is a gorgeous brick red with pink under tones and a matte finish. It is one of the most flattering shades of red I have ever seen. Whirl ($19 CAD) is a beautiful dirty rose shade with a matte finish.

It’s more like a muted rosy shade with brown/warm undertones. It’s a perfect everyday lip color! I was actually unsure if Whirl would suit my pigmented lips but I was actually so happy that it looked good and even the MAC associate agreed that it complimented my skin! Both of these shades feel so creamy, rich and smooth on the lips.

It is so freaking pigmented and long lasting, like I am not even kidding! After a little lip swatch session at the MAC counter deciding which shades to pick up, I left the store with the shade D for Danger on my lips. So it lasted through a movie, eating, drinking and a lot of chit chatting from 2.30 pm to 07.30 pm. It did not budge even the slightest bit and looked as through it was freshly applied and I bet it could have lasted longer! I wore Whirl the next day and that too felt so lightweight on the lips and had such a great lasting power! D for Danger left a stain when removing so I used a lip scrub to completely wash it off.

I find the staining of lips with all the MAC matte dark shades I have owned so far. Also, both of these shades were just a tad bit drying too, so I would recommend starting off with a good lip balm and moisturize the lips really well! I am in love with these two shades at the moment. I was contemplating on buying Antique Velvet too but I decided to leave that for next time. I was quite happy that Whirl being sold out online was easily available at the store!