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Mac Collections For 2016

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MAC collections are always coming at us fast and furious and this one takes us swiftly into the future with “Future MAC”! MAC Future MAC For a full colour story on this launch, please see. I only have a few pieces from this collection but there’s a LOT more where this came from! MAC Future MAC – Otherearthly Mineralize Skinfinish Easily the most exciting piece from this collection was the Otherearthly Mineralize Skinfinish (MSF, for short). Shaped unlike any other MSF to date, this one features slivers of bronze, pink and silver. I wasn’t really sure what to expect out of this since the silver and the bronze tones aren’t something I’d ever think to pair together.

The MAC Nutcracker Sweet holiday 2016 makeup collection is no exception to this. There are a wide variety of these makeup items, kits and tools many of which.

MAC Future MAC – Otherearthly swatches But um I’m in awe. The colours each standout so strongly as individual shades that I was able to use them as eyeshadows as well (more on that below), and yet, swirled together they create a beautiful rose-gold shimmer. If you’re worried it’s too strong of a colour for fair skin, don’t be! On my cheeks, the mixed colour ended up coming off as a very strong highlighter while only adding a hint of colour (I wore it as both a blush and a highlighter). MAC Future MAC Mineralize Lipstick in Ionized The next most intriguing item to me was this luminous grey lipstick. MAC Future MAC Mineralize Lipstick in Ionized swatch The texture on Ionized is very slippy and creamy.

It feels quite similar to their Cremesheen finish. MAC Future MAC Mineralize Lipstick in Ionized I *love* the colour. It’s actually flattering, which is not something one can usually say of a grey lipstick. I will point out though that Ionized would best be used with some kind of similarly-coloured base. I lightly covered my lips with foundation before I applied this, but it’s still not enough to keep the pink of my lips from poking through.

The texture was lovely though and very comfortable to wear. MAC Future MAC Mineralize Glasses in The Zone & Telegenius Next up are the two Mineralize Glasses. MAC Future MAC Mineralize Glasses in Telegenius & The Zone swatches Both shades contain a hint of sparkle, but the colour is one of those “barely there” looks on the lips. Windows internet explorer for mac. I do wish the stopper inside had a little less grip on the wand though as I’d like for more product to actually pull out of the tube when I go to apply it! The Zone was the most unique between the two shades because it has a been of a browny-gold shimmer in it.

Wearing Telegenius Wearing The Zone MAC Future MAC Studio Eye Gloss in Pearl Varnish The last item I have is the Studio Eye gloss in Pearl Varnish. I do NOT understand these things. They have an incredibly tacky consistency – to the point where it’s actually painful to apply it to your lid because it’ll cause the folds to stick together every single time you blink your eyes. MAC Future MAC Studio Eye Gloss in Pearl Varnish swatch The swatch, however, is pretty darn gorgeous (I’m amazed I managed to capture the shimmer to be honest). It’s a white base with pink and teal sparkles throughout. While beautiful in a swatch, it’s not something that shows up too much on the cheeks. Behold: MAC Future MAC Pearl Varnish applied to my cheeks I tapped Pearl Varnish onto the tops of my cheekbones so I could at least demonstrate it somewhere, but it didn’t look much more than “glossy”.

MAC Future MAC Makeup Look The theme with this collection was “ Charge ahead into the next generation of hyper-luminous“. The imagery wasn’t especially dark, so I wanted to create something luminous while still sticking to that grey futuristic vibe that the collection gives off. I also wanted to make sure I used he bronzes and roses that the collection put out so I used the MSF in as many ways as possible.

This, but for now please enjoy pictures! MAC Future MAC – makeup look MAC Future MAC – makeup look MAC Future MAC – makeup look Wearing Otherearthly MSF on my cheeks and eyes and Ionized lipstick. MAC Future MAC – makeup look – eye open I used the Otherearthly MSF on my eyes to create the makeup look. (Eyeliner is MAC‘s Phone Number which is not included in this launch but is part of the permanent lineup.) MAC Future MAC – makeup look – eye closed My Picks?

The Otherearthly MSF needs to be on everyone’s list because it’s so freaking stunning. I’m also equally impressed with the Ionized lipstick. If that’s a shade that’s up your alley, look into it. I was impressed with just how wearable and beautiful it looked on me. Not something I ever expected out of a grey lipstick!