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How To Update Phone Number On Quick Books Invoices 2016 For Mac

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There are in the United States, accounting for 54% of sales in the country; and the trend is that the number of small businesses is growing, especially with startups cropping up left and right – not to mention freelancers who have registered their operations as small businesses. If you’re a small business owner, then you’ll want tools to help you run your operations more smoothly.

As you very well know, one of the most crucial aspects is invoicing. After all, this is the part where you get revenue to come in. Without invoices, your business is dead in the water. For a small business with a handful of clients, it should be straightforward. You may even simply send emails on a weekly or monthly basis. However, that is not the optimal system, especially once you acquire more clients. As such, it is a good idea to invest in small business invoicing software. With all the invoice app choices in the market, it may take you some time decide which software to use.

Skype for mac and samsung. To help with that, we’ve compiled a list of the best small business invoicing software for Mac. 5 best small business invoicing software for Mac 1. Numbers You may be surprised to see in this list, especially as the first option.

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Most people think Numbers as a “mere” spreadsheet software, but it has a lot of other features that makes it a useful invoice app. In fact, Numbers has a template specifically for invoicing. You can even customize it to include time tracking and other details you want to keep tabs on. Related: Don’t take Numbers for granted.

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The chances are that you already have it, so using the software for invoices will make you some savings. Price: $19.99 2.

Hiveage Hiveage is a great cloud-based invoice app – and more. It can send invoices and estimates, as well as auto-bill clients. Additionally, it allows you to via PayPal. More than that, it offers options for other payment gateways, which makes it attractive for clients who may not use PayPal.

Another useful feature of this platform is its, which contributes to overall efficiency. It also offers mileage tracking, detailed financial reports, and more. They have a free plan, which is more than enough if you’re starting out. Their premium plans are priced reasonably, starting at $19 per month. You can also look forward to their iOS app, which is coming soon. Billings Pro is mainly a Mac-based software but has iOS integration, making it convenient for you to create and send cost estimates to leads or new clients.

You can choose from different templates. Its invoicing feature also offers professional-looking templates that make invoices simple to understand. Pricing: $5 per month for the Freelance package, $10 per month for the Professional package 4. ProfitTrain If you want it truly simple, then is the app you want. Barebones but still powerful enough to power your small business’s invoicing needs with features like client default settings, to-do lists and time tracking, customizable invoice labels, HTML-based invoice templates, and business expenses tracking. It may not be the best-looking invoice app, but it certainly does the job.

Pricing: $49.95 5. Moon Invoice For an integrated yet simple solution, is an excellent choice. You can work mainly with the Mac app, but you can also use the invoice app on your iOS device, with its iCloud Sync.

Generate, manage, and track invoices; add payment options to the invoices; and set notifications for regular invoices. The learning curve may be a little longer, but its powerful features make it worth your while. Pricing: Free for limited data; $9.99 for iOS and $14.99 for Mac (one-time purchase) Streamline your small business processes as much as you can. This way, you can focus on other critical aspects which will bring in the revenue that you need.