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How To Search For Text On A Web Page Safari Mac

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There are several ways to search the web in Apple's Safari browser. In this article, we're going to highlight a way of searching specific websites using a lesser-known Safari feature called Quick Website Search. The option is designed to work with sites that have a built-in search field, like the one you can find at the top of the main page at Here's how it works. Let's say you want to look up articles on MacRumors that mention device benchmarks. You might do this by typing 'macrumors benchmarks' into Safari's address bar to get results from whichever search engine the browser is configured to use. If you're a bit more search savvy, you might even type 'site: benchmarks' to limit the search to MacRumors.

But ideally you'd just navigate to and use the search field provided at the top of the page. If you take the latter option and Quick Website Search is enabled, Safari will remember that you've used the MacRumors search field and offer to use it again in future searches that include the website's name. For example, if you typed 'macrumors' followed by 'deals' directly into Safari's address bar, you could tap the option Search for 'deals' in the suggestions box, as shown above, and you'd get instant results from MacRumors' own on-site search function. How to Enable Quick Website Search in iOS The functionality of Quick Website Search depends on how a given site implements its search field, but we've found that it works with most popular websites that offer them, so it's worth making sure you have the feature enabled. To do this on iPhone and iPad, launch the Settings app, tap Safari -> Quick Website Search and slide the Quick Website Search toggle to the green ON position.

This page explains step-by-step how to increase the size of text, or make the entire web page larger, in the Safari web browser running on Mac OS X systems. Aug 16, 2011 - By default, Safari won't find strings of text within words when you search; it'll only find words that begin with whatever you're looking for. Also: How to resize Web pages while in full-screen mode. Mac OS X Hints.

Notice on this screen that you can also tap Edit to remove websites from the list of shortcuts that Safari automatically adds to whenever you use a site-specific search field. How to Enable Quick Website Search on Mac The feature works the same way in Safari for macOS. To see if it's enabled, select Safari -> Preferences.

From the menu bar, choose the Search tab, and make sure the checkbox is ticked next to Enable Quick Website Search. Lastly, if you click the Manage Websites.

Button next to the checkbox, you can view Safari's list of website shortcuts, remove individual websites, or clear the list completely. How do i make an enter in a cel in excel for mac 2017.

How To Search For Text On A Web Page Safari Mac

By • 11:00 am, December 1, 2017 • • Mobile Safari's search is good, but hard to use. Photo: Cult of Mac Ever since iOS 9, iOS has had a dedicated share extension to search the current web page in Safari. You just hit the sharing arrow, then choose Find in Page on the bottom row of options, and then you can type in your query. It works, and it works well, but it’s a very clunky method for doing something that requires a single keystroke (Command-F) on the Mac. Advertisement Today we’ll look at some alternatives for finding text in a web page on iOS, along with a bonus tip for site-wide searches. Safari’s built-in page search Mobile Safari has two ways to get to the same page search.

I mentioned one above, and it’s the most obvious. It is also the most annoying to use, as you have to tap around finding the correct share-sheet item to invoke. Probably the quickest way to use Safari’s built-in page search is via the URL bar. Photo: Cult of Mac Another way to access Mobile Safari’s find-in-page feature is to just type your search term into the URL bar, as if you were about to visit another web page, or do a Duck Duck Go search. As you type, Safari will do its usual auto-complete business, but what you may never have noticed is that, at the bottom of the list, there’s a section called On This Page. Here, if Safari has found your search term in the current page, the number of results will be displayed.