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How Do Download My Credit Card Transaction In Quickbook For Mac

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I am using Quickbooks Desktop 2016 for Mac. I am having problems importing a downloaded credit card statement(s) into QB. - I already have my credit card account created in QB. - there are existing transactions recorded in that CC account. - I went to my CC website and downloaded a date-range of transactions (dated after the existing/entered transactions) in both.xls and.csv formats. - I clicked on File/Import/Transactions/Credit Card Charges.

Sep 13, 2018 - In this guide, we show you how to connect your bank and credit card. Locate your bank in QuickBooks Online or if you need to download more. 2008 microsoft office for mac.

And a QB table opened up with columns/rows to enter data for importing. - I opened the Excel file in another app and copied dates to 'Date' (column heading); CC charges to 'Expense Amount'; vendor names to 'Purchased From'; and descriptions to 'Item Description'.

I also selected my credit card account for each entry from the drop-down menu under the column, 'Credit Card Account'. All vendors in the list have been 'created' in QB, so there are no 'unlisted' vendors in the import table. Clicking on the 'Import' button on the pop-up table where I entered all the data shows a processing animation, but '0' items are imported. I've searched the user manual and all over the internet for a tutorial or explanation, but cannot find an answer to why this method doesn't work. I noticed that the pop-up import table has several columns I don't need (Expense account, ref number, etc.), but I cannot find a way to delete the unused columns (if that is even necessary).

For security, I prefer not to link QB to my CC account and just do a file-import; and although I am aware of other file formats that can be imported, it seems to me that if the program has windows and tables that can be populated for importing CC data, it should be a viable option. I also considered using web-connect, but again, I am trying to keep a sort of security 'firewall' between QB and my CC account login info, which is why I prefer to do it with downloaded files rather than data transfer. Any help in getting this to work would be greatly appreciated. Hi there, scattitude. I'd love to help you import downloaded credit card transactions in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.

At this time, you must be set up for Online Banking in order to import your credit card transactions. If you wish to proceed, you can follow the steps below: • 1. Go to Banking menu at the top, then select Online Banking Setup. In the search field, enter your Bank's name. Depending on your bank, you may be presented with options for Direct Connect/Web Connect or Web Connect only. On the Link your Accounts screen, you can choose which bank accounts you can add to QuickBooks. Once done, you can download a statement from your Bank Web Connect website and import to QuickBooks.

Here's how: • 1. Photo edit for mac. Go to Banking menu at the top then select Downloaded transactions. On the Downloaded Transactions window, select the account you want to import or download transactions. Click Download. QuickBooks takes you to your financial institution’s website to • 4.