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Excell 2011 For Mac Keep Freezing

пятница 23 ноября admin 19
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Are you having trouble freezing panes (rows and columns) in Excel for Mac? I was too, until I found the solution. It's so simple too lol! Set View to Normal.

I've actually had this problem using excel. In my case it was tons of calculations. So, many in fact, that the available memory on my iMac basically froze. What I ended up doing was to create 2 spreadsheets, one with all the data, and the other with all the data summarized. A secondary solution, might be to quit all other apps, except excel. Allowing more memory to be available for the spreadsheet calculations.

In my case, I'm was using an older iMac, Late 2006. After I increased the memory, to the maximum, 3GB from 1GB, that seemed to provide so relief. Best of luck.

When you say Excel freezes is there a chance that it is just trying to do what you are asking but taking a really long time? Excel is quite bad about giving feedback; it can be working away furiously doing something but the UI just appears to have frozen. Check Activity Monitor, does Excel appear to be using a large amount of CPU?

If you run something like sudo opensnoop grep Excel in a Terminal window do you see it furiously writing to/reading from files? Alternatively, I've had a lot of success using to work with files that Excel has trouble with.

It typically takes longer to perform most operations, but can work with some files that Excel crashes on. Adobe illustrator for mac full version torrent. So my suggestions are (1) try again but leave it for a longer time before killing it and (2) try opening the spreadsheet in LibreOffice and deleting the tabs there instead.