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Default Template Location Excel For Mac 2016

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Default Template Location Excel For Mac 2016 Rating: 8,3/10 6214 votes

It’s the Office you know and trust, updated to take advantage of the latest Mac features, including Retina display and full screen view. Microsoft office home and business for mac download.

Maybe, but Office 2016 for Mac requires Yosemite. But honestly, I haven't tried to install it on Mavericks to see if its true or not. And yes, that whole sandboxing thing sucks.

Microsoft excel for mac

Powerpoint - change Default Template Save location for Office for Mac 2016 new Office for Mac 2016 environment here. Trying to save a template in Powerpoint and when I click on 'Save As Template.' Excel for Office 365, Excel 2019, Excel 2016, Excel 2013, Excel 2010 Excel 2007 Before you start Microsoft Office Excel, you can make sure that a specific workbook or a workbook template or worksheet template that has custom settings opens automatically when you start Excel.

I can see in Word preferences that there is a 'File Locations' option, but nothing in Powerpoint or Excel. But here's one thing: I keep my Word templates and PPT templates stored in the same folder. When I went into Word to customize my Template Location, the change was reflected in Powerpoint. When I open Powerpoint, the wizard shows me the Templates that are stored in custom location. So that's good. BUT when it comes to saving the templates, Powerpoint defaults to that silly sandbox.

Ah, I was just looking at the screenshot from the previous poster who said he was using Office 2016, so that led me to think it's probably related to the operating system. In fact, I think the sandboxing thing is a Yosemite requirement.

Anyway, I'm glad to hear you can at least get the Word location to change the PPT location. That's similar to how it used to work on the PC -- you'd change the file save location in Word and it would apply to PPT and Excel also. But where do you see that reflected in PowerPoint? Do you mean the templates are showing up in the PPT start screen after you change the path in Word? I don't know how you can change that default save behavior, unfortunately.

I'm guessing Word allows it because it holds all the cards, so to speak -- you change the path there, so Word recognizes it and lets you save there, but the other apps are still clueless. I don't see the save location changed in any particular PPT preference. But I changed my template locations in my Word settings to point to a folder on my desktop (and in that folder, I have Word and PPT templates). After that, I opened up Powerpoint, and in the first screen, where it has all the stock templates, it also now shows some of my custom templates that I have saved in my folder on the desktop, so the Word file location settings must have partially been pushed to Powerpoint. That's all fine and dandy, but the only problem that exists is that when I make a change to my custom template in PPT and attempt to save it ('Save As Template.' ), it still points to that sandboxed folder, not my desktop folder.