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Create A Hyperlink Within A Word Document For Mac

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To link to a Web page or file, click Web Page or File, and then in the Address box, type a URL or click Select to browse to a file. To link to a specific place within the document, click This Document, and then select the location for the link (such as the top of the document or to a specific heading). Create a hyperlink to a document or an email address. You can add text or an object as a hyperlink that opens a specific slide in a PowerPoint presentation or a custom slide show. You can also link to a Word document, an Excel workbook, a file, or an email address. Select the text or object that you want to make into a hyperlink.

In this article, you are going to learn how to add hyperlinks in Microsoft office word 2016. Adding hyperlinks or creating links in your documents helps you. To quick access to web-page and files on your computer. Here you have two ways to add hyperlinks in your documents. First, you can type an address then by clicking on spacebar or enter key. Office automatically adds link to your address. The second way to add links to your documents is this. That first select your text then click on the hyperlink to add links.

You can edit your link or change it. The fallowing steps show you that how to add links or remove it from your documents. Hyper-link Position #1. Write Your Address to Add Hyperlinks Here it’s easy to add hyperlinks to your address.

Whenever you want to write a website address or E-mail address in your document. For quick access to web-page and files. First just write your address then click Enter or Spacebar. Office automatically adds links to your address. When you want to follow your link you can not directly click and open your site. You can open your site by pressing on (Ctrl+Link) then click to open and follow your site. Write Your Address #2.

Add Hyperlink on Your Selected Text On this step, you can add the hyperlink on some specifics texts that you want give more information about that on your computer or on the web-page. Here you can link your text to a folder on your computer or any website address. To add this kind of link first you need to select your text. Then click directly on Hyperlink option or Write click and click on Hyperlink.

When you clicked a new window will open, here you have four options. • Existing file or web-page • Place in This Document • Create a new Document • E-mail Address. Link in • Existing File or Web Page: Through to this option you can link your text to those files which you have on your computer. Microsoft office 2016 file location. Or those Browsed pages which you had been opened once in your computer.

• Place in This Document: This option used to link your text to move your cursor to the top of your page. When you linked your text through to this option, wherever your cursor is after clicking on this your cursor move to the top of the page. • Create New Document: Through to this option, you can make a new document for your selected text. Here you can give more information about a part of your text in your document in a new document then your can share it with others.

Changing default font in smart notebook 18. • E-mail Address: This option helps you that to send a part of your document and share it with others via Email Address. Right Click To Edit, Open, Copy or Remove Hyperlink Here you have some new option that you can use them in your document. When you add hyperlink in your document just right click on your link and use these options. • Edit Hyperlink. Through to this option, you can edit your link and change the address or website which you have linked your text in your document. When you open this option on the new window you can do the operations. • Open Hyperlink.

This option can directly open your address or source that have linked your documents. • Copy Hyperlink. Here you can copy your link and connect one address to some other texts in your document. • Remove Hyperlink. Now if you don’t need the link or it was useless in your document you can remove that. Right Click Conclusion These all are about how to add a hyperlink in your document in Microsoft office word 2016.