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Holger Isenberg 2007-01-19 08:31:16 UTC Jmeter on Mac OS X does not find its directory as Java on Mac adds an additional entry to the classpath while Jmeter expects only 1 JAR as classpath entry.

Custom Plugins for Apache JMeter™ This project is an independent set of plugins for Apache JMeter, the popular Open-Source load and performance testing tool. This catalogue lists plugins available for use with Plugins Manager.

• Download JMeter. You may download the source code and build it yourself, or you may download the binaries. I just downloaded the binaries. • While on the JMeter Download page, follow the instructions provided to verify the md5 (Mac OSX Snow Leopard Server does not come with pgp, gpg, or pgpk.) • In • md5 • Click ‘md5’ next to the version of JMeter you downloaded. There will be a 20 character value shown, and it should match what you got in the the terminal.

A quick way to check this is to just use ⌘+F in your browser and copy in your results from the terminal. • In your Finder, uncompress jakarta-jmeter-2.5.1, and drill down into the directory called ‘bin’. • Open ApacheJMeter.jar • If you prefer the Terminal, use the following: • sh./jakarta-jmeter-2.5.1/bin/ Setup & Tuning-in to your web-browser • Add (via right click) a Thread group to the Test Plan 1 • Add a Non Test Element > HTTP Proxy Server to the Workbench 2 • Open the HTTP Proxy Server Page and change the port if required 3 • Set the Target Controller to Test Plan > Thread Group on the same page 4 • Configure your browser to use the Proxy Server (it’s localhost) 5 • Zac Spitzer recommends Firefox.

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• ⌘+, • In ‘Advanced’, go to your connection settings and set up your localhost as a proxy server. You can assign different ports to different protocols. • Press Start at the bottom of the page 6 Now, JMeter will record all the HTTP requests your browser makes, so make sure you have closed all the other tabs you have open. 7 Don’t forget to reset your browser proxy settings!

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