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How To Set Up My Mac For Productivity

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How To Set Up My Mac For Productivity Rating: 9,8/10 6457 votes

5 Must-Have Mac Utilities to Boost Your Productivity Posted on January 7th, 2015 by Kirk McElhearn Whenever I set up a new Mac, I have a routine.

Time Tracking Sucks. Deal With It. Or Use Timing.

Stop guessing how you spend your time, and focus on doing your best work instead. Office for mac 2016 autorecover location. Timing observes how you use your Mac and categorizes your activities. You see how you spent your time and how productive you were, and the timeline shows when you did what. It even automatically recognizes blocks of time that belong together! Need to enter time manually? Best solution to manage both mac and pc desktop for medium sized business card.

Timing supports that, too — with the added benefit of tracking when your productivity is highest. And if you need to bill clients or create timesheets, Timing lets you generate great reports. Requires OS X El Capitan and supports macOS Mojave. Need a version for OS X Mavericks?

• “Timing 2 does a brilliant job of grouping tasks together and automatically assigning 'keywords' to add new tasks to groups. [.] As a result, you can easily see what activities you spent the most time on – and possibly realize that you're not focusing on what you thought you were. [.] It makes it easy to group activities and reap the benefits of manual time tracking with the ease of automation.” • “At the end of a day, you can see how everything has gone: what apps you used, what documents, what websites and always how long you spent in each. If you want to, you can go through the list and assign everything to projects.

It's detailed enough that it will track different email threads in Mail and rather than saying you spent five hours using Safari, it will see that ten minutes was on your online banking and the rest was Facebook.” • “Bottom line: When compared to other time tracking services that charge per month, I think Timing 2 is good value, and for me personally, the application-level tracking fits much better into my workflow. Recommended.” • “Over the last 30 years of using a Mac I’ve tried a plethora of different time tracking applications, and without a doubt, Timing is my favorite one. I love that it’s unobtrusive (if you want it to be) yet very detailed in it’s collection of data about what apps and documents you are using. I love that I don’t have to “start tracking” like so many other time tracking apps make you do.” • “Timing is really unobtrusive, it just works, in the background. No hassle with manual input of data, no allocating to projects, it just records all my work. And when you need to know what you’ve done it’s there, all my hours, by project, by period. Really valuable for me, being self employed and doing a ton of things per day, in the evening, in the weekends.

Now I can make my hours billable.” • “Wow! I can’t get over much time this saves me. I don’t have to set anything up before I begin working on a project. I can FINISH a project and take less than 1 minute (after it’s completed) to drag all the specified folder and files and websites into the Timing project and Wham!

I have an accurate total number of hours spent actively working on the project.” • “This is an amazing tool to control and backtrack the usage of the programs you use. Goodbye procrastination!! This app is so well programmed too! Little details that other programmers leave behind is absolutely not a concern here.” • “Before Timing, we were using manual timesheet tools, and we were always forgetting to start or stop it. Now with Timing our work days have become more efficient, more productive and very less stressful, with timesheets ten times more precise.