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Backup Quickbooks For Mac 2013 To Windows

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Restoring Mac file into Quickbooks. My client sent me a backup from QuickBooks for Mac. She made it a windows backup. When I go to restore the file into my QuickBooks it asks me to update the file. We are both using QuickBooks 2013. QuickBooks for Mac can’t easily work with QuickBooks for Windows – you can transfer information back and forth, but it isn’t a usable solution for what you want to do. You either can get QB for Windows and use it on Parallels (or something similar), or remotely access the Windows computer.

'When I go to restore the file into my QuickBooks it asks me to update the file. We are both using QuickBooks 2013.' Obviously, though, you are not running the same program at all. 'will she be able to restore the file back into her computer using QuickBooks for Mac?'

What happens when you try? The issue is not '2013' but maintenance release levels, which are not going to pace together PC and Mac. Whether or not it affects 'roundtripping' is something you might read about at I suppose. People come to Accountants Community for help and answers—we want to let them know that we're here to listen and share our knowledge. We do that with the style and format of our responses.

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By A critically important task that either you or some co-worker needs to complete is to back up the QuickBooks 2013 data file. Quite literally, the QuickBooks data file describes your business’s financial affairs. You absolutely don’t want to lose the data file. Losing the data file, for example, might mean that you don’t know how much money you have, you don’t know whether you’re making or losing money, and you won’t be able to easily or accurately prepare your annual tax returns.

Fortunately, backing up the QuickBooks data file is rather straightforward. You need to complete only three steps: • Choose the File→Create Copy command. QuickBooks displays the Save Copy or Backup dialog box, which provides three options: the option to save a backup copy of your QuickBooks file, the option to create a portable company file, and the option to create an accountant’s copy. • You want to save a backup copy, so click the Backup Copy option button; then click Next to continue. You can create either a full backup file or a portable company file when you copy the QuickBooks file. A portable company file is smaller than a backup file, so it’s more convenient to move around. For example, you can more easily e-mail a portable company file.